19th Apr, 2011


It is time to move on
I could cling to the past
And am tempted to at times
But push myself to the edge
And jump
And trust my wings to carry me

I can’t say I’m not afraid
Of course I am
Who would not be
Leaping before you see the net clearly
Before you know you have wings

But I know they have carried me before

Curiosity of where I am going to
Is greater than the fear to hold me back

I separate from this mountain and find my own voice
Still no stronger than the sound of the winter river
Beneath a foot of ice

Tear myself free
In a land of shallow roots
What holds me so heavy to this ground
Upon which I am washed clean
Like the sides of the mountain in melting snows

Clear and strong
The current of the creek
I find a voice that will sing the song of other lands
Other rivers

Wild flowers
And wild sides of me
Of my family
Of you

And thus I conclude my posts here and prepare for something new
I hope you will join me on the journey
Where ever
It unfolds
Turns to seed and begins again
Some days with radiance
Other days heavy and damp in the rain
Simple and salty like a single tear

I open myself to a new land

I hope you will join me in a new space and place
My postings will continue here:


Oh yes. We will join you. Good luck in whatever you’re doing!

Thank you, my friend!


You can be very proud and happy at the success of High Mountain Musing. Sorry to see it retired, but your new blog sounds fascinating. I will be there.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, and letting us return the favor.

Hope Forrest and Bob have a great trip, and answers are found.


i’m excited you’ve moved to gingetz.com and are continuing to dig deeply into the wealth of your soul. hugs to you…

God willing, I’ll ALWAYS go with you, Ginny! I think of and pray for you so often, and wish for you and Bob and Forrest the very best of everything, always. Times are tough for you. Times are changing. Hopefully, there will be GREAT times ahead! Love you….Jeannie