9th Apr, 2011

On mountain and sky and in between

We separate
Grow apart
I see her indifference more clearly
Turn from the mirror and stare into her eyes
And begin to feel the same

Indifferent is not how I live
I bursting with passion
Never one to turn my back
On you
On the mountain
On life
Dive in
No matter how frigid the waters may be

Words pour forth with plenty
But richer still are my dreams

I find myself now
On the edge of discomfort
Do I step back to safe and known
As the bottom falls out beneath me
This is where I wanted to be

Close your eyes to the air in your face as you fall
And as naturally as a young child struggling to stand
Wings unfold
You learn to fly again
With air
With wind
With life
Exhilarating as the sky that holds you



we don’t choose a life, we live it. So as we go forward each day, we must be sensitive to touching lightly on the boundaries of our comprehension, because “dreamers” are relentless in their pursuit of awareness and always overeat at the table of “deep thought” creating a hunger that cant be satisfied. Your thoughts are powerful and moving.

Peter, Thank you – what an interesting and thoughtful comment. I have not been on this site in a while, so I’m pleased to see your words. I’m now writing at the – yes, easy to remember but rather simple name – GinGetz.com site – and hope to hear more from you there. I’ve been tangled (overeating?) in the eternal debate of choice and fate once again. Or perhaps just on the front burner again, for I’m not sure it’s ever resolved.