7th Apr, 2011

These waters

These waters that chill
Turning my submerged flesh red
What did I expect as I plunge in
While the frozen hillside still covered in white
That feed these waters
Begins to thaw

These waters without cleansing and comfort
Running brown
Taking the richness of the land with them
Taking with no remorse
The power of the melt off

The beating of the sun
Burning my nose and shoulders
The same which turns the snow to river
Taking soil and dreams and hopes
In violent rush
I can hear from my porch
A quarter mile away.


I bet it does sound amazing. We’ve only been in late summer when the river was pretty peaceful (but could still hear it from our cabin if we listened for it.) How long does the melt off usually last? I can’t imagine how much snow travels that path!

Melt off depends on the snowpack, which this year has been minimal for up here, but the snows keep coming. Just when you begin to worry! It starts end of March and continues through May when it takes off the snow from above treeline.